CST is the only stainless steel tube manufacturer in Greece- with a wall thickness choice from 1 to 4 mm and diameter dimensions from 15.9 to 168.3mm. The tubes are manufactured on units that incorporate the latest generation of TIG and plasma welding for austenic and ferritic stainless steel, with stringent production monitoring and testing, and with a highly disciplines and well trained crew. Tubing finds application in a variety of industries, the automotive field, on applications that require protection against corrosion, and also for structural or ornamental purposes. CST's stainless steel products' range offers one of the most complete series of hollow sections in Greece (from 14 x 14mm to 120 x 120mm and from 11 x 16mm to 120 x 80mm). Quality of the stainless steel products by CST lies in the centre of corporate strategy and operation.

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Industrial Area of Serres
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